Gotta Love Monday’s!

14 MARCH 2011

From just North of Nirvana:

Greetings followers and brave first-timers!

Welcome to my blog!

It’s officially DST here and my internal clock is still tweaking and getting used to the slight change. Personally, why not do DST year-round? Sounds good anyway and less hassle changing or reprogramming the old-fashioned clocks around your environment. So how’s your Monday shaping up? Mine’s off to a decent start and maintaining a steady clip…which is nice for a Monday.


So here’s a little tip inside a story that might be useful to you. Once upon a time…

…there was a young man, we’ll call him Joe, who decided that he no longer was satisfied with his current lot in life and sought out “Experts” in sales and business who he could learn the “secrets of success” from! And over the course of a few days Joe was lucky enough to find  the very person who he could learn the most relevant stuff from. This man was THE Expert in the field and was, in fact, the #1 Expert in the country!

Joe took to his teachings immediately and within days began implementing the strategies in his business. And what do you know but Joe began to see marked and steady improvement in his performance! He rose to the top in his company and the top 1% in the nation in his industry. Now, by no means was this easy and in fact took “All-Manner” of effort on Joe’s part, but the results were nothing short of amazing!

Joe was no different that the next average person…that is except for the one defining difference which was that Joe was motivated to find the best, learn how to duplicate their success and immediately applied the information creating Massive Results! Okay so 3 things!

The question to ask yourself is: “How long am I willing to continue struggling and falling short of my potential before I take inspired action to change it?”

Have an awesome Monday!



I am a three decades+ veteran of the sales/marketing industry. I struggled at first to make a living but then had the good fortune to meet my mentor, Tom. Tom was, at one time, the #1 salesperson in the nation for his product which was also my product. I simply applied what he taught me and 'Boom' my career took off like a Roman Candle! I set records, won awards and trips, had all the goodies and discovered along the way how to live a balanced and rewarding life. After 3 decades of selling/coaching/training I now dedicate ALL of my time to helping others learn strategies that will get them where they decide to go. If you'd like a FREE Strategy Session go to: and fill out the request form.

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