Donald Trump-Buffoon or (J)enius?

Yep that’s the question of the day it seems.

One thing’s for sure, the Donald sure knows how to get the tongues wagging doesn’t he!

I was listening to a radio talk show just a few minutes ago. It was Lars Larsen and he had a guy on the air that was frothing about what Trump said about putting an immediate ban on Muslim immigrants until the USA figures out this ISIS thing as to how it relates to recognizing it and in turn denying immigration to those that pose a safety threat.

Seems impossible to do with any degree of accuracy but we do need to do something different than we do currently or suffer the same results.

Now while I don’t have it sorted out as to whether or not Trumps suggestion is lame or smart, I do know that the President of the USA can ban groups of immigrants based on just about anything he deems could pose a threat to the security of our country.

But this guy on the show kept whining about how it would discard some core value of Americans if we discriminated based on religious beliefs because not all Muslims are ISIS believers/followers so how dare we lump them all into one profile!

He’s wrong.

Think about car insurance as an example.  Why is it that young drivers pay more?  They haven’t done anything personally to deserve higher premiums, have they?  But they get the privilege of being able to drive if they pay them and, over time, once they’ve demonstrated they are a “Safe” driver their premiums go down, they have more options, better coverage for less money, etc.

So what’s wrong with setting different standards for any group of immigrants/refugees in order for them to come to America and become citizens of this country?  Then, once they’ve demonstrated they’re “Safe” allow them to immigrate and to become citizens.

Is it fair?  No more or less fair than it is to charge teenage drivers higher insurance premiums, just because of their age not because of their personal driving safety.

Just my 2-cents. How about you?  Got any thoughts on this latest controversial TRUMPism?

Sound off!


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