I Never Said She Stole The Money…

Words.  They are so magical that we can use the same 7 words you read in the headline and because of the tones and inflections in our voices the sentence can take on 7 different meanings.

Try it.

Out loud. I know, sounds silly but humor me. 🙂

Say the sentence 7 times.  Put a different inflection on the first word the first time you say it.  Put a different tone on the second word the second time you say the sentence and so forth until you’ve said it 7 times.

See what I mean?  7 different meanings depending on the tone/inflection put on each word.

Big deal Mike!  Well it is a bigger deal than you might think when it comes to communicating verbally with another human being!

Hard, if not near impossible to do with the written word too.

So obviously when you want to communicate with certain tones and inflections on chosen words in order to make a point then an actual face-to-face meeting can’t be beat…or can it?

Maybe if you combine the advantages of a face-to-face meeting with technology and/or networking you can leverage your message and reach, which is awesome if your product or service is deliverable to more than 1 person at a time, right?

Either way the person or people that you are delivering your message to will receive it in a way that you intended more readily when you infuse the proper words, tonality and inflections with your voice and body language.

So, on the techie side you could run webinars, hang-outs, group skype calls, etc. and still deliver your message as intended.  But try writing a message that seriously needs the proper tonality to be received as you intended.

See what I mean?

The moral of the story is to remember that it’s not just knowing what to say.  More importantly it is How To Say What You Say that will make ALL the difference in your effectiveness as a communicator.

And for our purposes you will become a much more professional salesperson!

Side benefits?  Indeed!

  • You’re clients will love you more.
  • You’ll have more authority.
  • You’ll easily build rapport, trust and your likability factor!
  • Oh, and you’ll likely make more sales too! 🙂

I will tell you that for me personally, knowing what to say and how to say it, took time and practice.

Has it paid off?

Well if you consider it has strengthened my communication skills with my family, my friends, my prospects, my clients and my peers a pay-off then absolutely for me!

When it comes to my career in real estate sales and my second career now in sales consulting it has paid off in spades!

Takes work and practice though.

I’d love to chat with you if you’d like to become a master communicator, especially as it relates to selling.  We’ve created a tight knit group of wicked smart sales and leadership folks over here at The Sales Syndicate and I learn from them every week!

I’ve set aside some time in the next few weeks to talk with you personally.  I call it “Discovery Time” where we’ll take a close look at where you are and where you’d like to be in business/sales and I’ll give you some immediately deploy-able strategies specific to your business and goals that I know you’re going to love.

Easy for you to get.  You can go “Old-School” and call me right now at 503-913-8218.  Yep that’s my personal line and I look forward to chatting with more smart people like you!


You can click on the link at the top of this page…says FREE Report From The Secret Scrolls.  That will take you to a form where you’ll fill in your name and email.  Then 2 things will happen.

Thing 1 is I’ll immediately send you the report and  Thing 2 is I’ll reach out to you with a follow-up email and see if you’re ready to discover some hidden traits in you already that, if awakened, will catapult you and your business forward.

That is all for now.




I am a three decades+ veteran of the sales/marketing industry. I struggled at first to make a living but then had the good fortune to meet my mentor, Tom. Tom was, at one time, the #1 salesperson in the nation for his product which was also my product. I simply applied what he taught me and 'Boom' my career took off like a Roman Candle! I set records, won awards and trips, had all the goodies and discovered along the way how to live a balanced and rewarding life. After 3 decades of selling/coaching/training I now dedicate ALL of my time to helping others learn strategies that will get them where they decide to go. If you'd like a FREE Strategy Session go to: www.thesalessyndicate.com and fill out the request form.

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