Thinking of Selling Your Home F.S.B.O.?

Worth a second look.

Addicted To Selling

Every day people decide that it’s time to move and some, approximately 9% according to numerous sources/surveys/research data, are successful selling on their own without hiring a real estate agent/broker.

Okay great so there is a chance anyway right?

Of course there is and if you take the steps I outline in this guide you will stack the odds in your favor of selling for maximum dollar, in the shortest time and with the fewest hiccups along the way.

Some other stats to bear in mind as you prepare to sell.

Can a real estate agent really sell your house for 13% more than you can?

This is a popular claim you’ll see and or hear all over the internet. But this claim stems from skewed information that makes it irrelevant.

So I concluded that this favorite talking point of Team Real Estate Agent is – I’ll be polite here…

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I am a three decades+ veteran of the sales/marketing industry. I struggled at first to make a living but then had the good fortune to meet my mentor, Tom. Tom was, at one time, the #1 salesperson in the nation for his product which was also my product. I simply applied what he taught me and 'Boom' my career took off like a Roman Candle! I set records, won awards and trips, had all the goodies and discovered along the way how to live a balanced and rewarding life. After 3 decades of selling/coaching/training I now dedicate ALL of my time to helping others learn strategies that will get them where they decide to go. If you'd like a FREE Strategy Session go to: and fill out the request form.

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