You Gotta Nickname?

Seems like people love to give their friends and family, even co-workers at times, a nickname.

Service men and women do this early on. My daughter, Ashley (Retired Navy) and son in law James (Retired Marine) have always referred to their ship mates and squad members by nicknames. Like it’s a right of passage almost.

What’s your nickname(s)? Do you have more than 1?

Mine have ranged from just “Fuller” to “Fullinski” to Duece to MF to T2 to Fullerton…

Could be more but one of those always come seems to take over for my actual name shortly after making new friends.

My favorite? I think mostly it’s Fullinski but I kinda like MF (when they are said with enthusiasm 🙂 too!

Like my golfing buddy DJ (Nickname) always says to me when I hit a shot above my skill level or that gets a lucky bounce, “You are the luckiest M____ F____ that’s ever played golf!”

Usually followed by more colorful words that put an enthusiastic stamp on his pissed offedness because he just lost a few bucks on our usual wager. 🙂

My bosses at either referred to me as:

  1. T2 – because I closed everyone I interviewed or
  2. The Scribe – because of my lengthy emails or
  3. Fullinski – Just because it seems to fit!

I’ve nicknamed my friends, kids, cars, my favorite pen and lots of other folks too!

How about you? Got any nicknames?





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