WARNING! Implementing The Following Will…

…Cause Your Income To Increase To Dangerously High Levels.

Yessiree this stuff can be very dangerous in the wrong hands so if you’re an evil doer, slacker, con artist on just a general waste of space…STOP right here and navigate away from this realm.

YOU are not welcome here!  Understand amigo?

On the other hand.  If you’re here because you are a highly motivated person seeking to be the best at your chosen profession then…WELCOME!

Sales, as a career, hasn’t always been my first choice.  No, I pictured myself as a professional baseball player.  Specifically as a starting pitcher.

More on that in a minute.

Glory Days

I, like many boys, was a bit of a trouble maker.  Nothing felonious just always pushing the envelope with my parents…my mom mostly.  And at some point, while talking my way out of getting grounded or my ass whipped with…SNAP…the “Belt”…it hit me.

I got a real charge out of maneuvering my way out of trouble.

So much so in fact, I would purposefully at times do some stupid shit just to see if I could talk my way out of it.  I learned all kinds of persuasive techniques.  I didn’t know these techniques existed anywhere else but with me.

Brings me back to baseball and a defining moment that continued to pave my road toward sales.

See, I desperately wanted to be a pitcher.  My coach in junior high school, Mr. Bates, thought otherwise.

He saw me as a scrawny kid, I weighed about a buck forty all wet, and also though my level of talent deserved to be in right field.  That’s where the coaches put the weakest armed player on the team back in those days.

Pissed me off!

So I decided that day I was going to be a pitcher and a starting pitcher at that before the season was over.  Besides I was a crappy hitter anyway.  I was fast and could bunt but that was the extent of my ability to hit.

So I practiced my ass off.  Made my step-dad practice with me for hours every night.  Not sure why he did it but he did and even taught me how to throw my soon to be best pitch, the curve ball.

Interesting.  I mean…curve ball.  Hmmmm…

So the day came in practice.  I had pestered Bates all season long.  I was bound and determined.  I said, for what was probably the hundredth time, “Coach I want to pitch for the second team squad in today’s scrimmage game.”

He retorted, “Fine Fuller!  If you can strike me out I’ll let you pitch!”

That was music to my ears my friends!  You see, what the coach didn’t know was that I had practiced and practiced and practiced my curve ball.  It started at the batter and dropped of the cliff at the plate…usually in the strike zone.

So I throw the first pitch.  A fast ball that was so slow he swung too soon and fouled it off.

Strike 1.

Next pitch was a slower fast ball…again foul tip!

Steeerike 2!

Now it was time.  Unleash my secret weapon…throw the curve.

The practice paid off.  I wound up and threw the best curve ball ever.  It froze him at the plate.

All he could do was watch it as it crossed the plate for…


Your OUT coach and I’m your new pitcher!  Can’t say it didn’t piss him off.  Especially when I gave him that shit-eatin grin.

I went 4 wins 2 loses the rest of the season.  And went on to be a starting pitcher all through high school and some college.

Made the all-star team too!

Lesson learned:

When you want to be the best you must practice like the best.

As a teenager my dad introduced me to the world of sales.  He owned a real estate brokerage and was always listening to great tapes on sales and had some excellent books about sales success that I devoured like a lion eating an antelope!

I was hooked.  The stories in these books and tapes are what did it.

So I studied.  Couldn’t get enough.  Even to this day after investing more than $100,000. in my sales and marketing education I still devour new and cutting edge information as it relates to selling, persuading, relationship building, on line and off line.

I met many teachers along the way that have influenced me on both a personal and on a business level.

I practiced dialogues and scripts like nothing else mattered.  I took MASSIVE action and my practice paid off again.  From struggling real estate agent (I averaged about $675.00 GCI) my first 3 months to top producer (I averaged $8650.00 in months 5-12) for the rest of the year.

After I learned what to do.

What to say.

And How To Say What To Say…in every given situation that could and likely would arise during the course of a real estate transaction.

Simple but not easy.  Just like mastering the curve though I persevered.  Got told No 100 times more than Yes.  Didn’t matter.  I had goals and nothing was going to stop me from reaching them!

Some of you have this burning desire too but haven’t figured out how to harnessed it’s power yet.

You can do it, starting right now if you choose to.

You just have adopt the right mind set.

Today is the day I get the guts to quit taking the easy way out.  Stop playing small ball.  Get busy honing your skills and go test them on the playing field.  At first it’s like flying a jumbo jet.

Like the pilot on the runway, in order to get that sucker off the ground he/she has to give it full-throttle, you have to give your business full-throttle too.  Just do it for 1 year and I promise your life will be different!

Once the pilot reaches cruising altitude he can pull back on the throttle and cruise at speed the rest of the way.  Relying on systems and proven strategies to fly the plane.

Give me a year.  One solid, full-throttle year and you can also pull back, rely on systems and proven strategies to continue cruising at your chosen speed and design your own life the way you see fit!

Continue chasing the next shiny object, guru, or new passive lead generator and forget about it.  You’ll likely either be out of business soon or you’ll never reach your true potential in sales.

Your choice.

This is an excerpt from my new, yet to be titled, book on how I became a professional salesman and what got me there.

The book is filled with some amazing stories about extraordinary people I’ve met and some defining moments that changed everything for me.

In these stories are lessons.  Lessons that will change you.  Inspire you.

And, perhaps, strike a familiar chord with you as well.

I’m thinking it might be titled something like:

How I Went From Zero To Hero In Sales…What It Takes To Earn 6-Figures+…Your First Year In Real Estate.

How To Go From Too Much Month At The End Of The Money, To Too Much Money At The End Of The Month.

Not sure which sounds most boring of those two.  Hey help an old guy out and suggest some catchy title(s).

I’ll even send you an advance copy of a few chapters for your trouble.  A couple of the best chapters, in fact.  One is the story of an incredibly successful salesman that cut his teeth in the dark and dangerous world of drug smuggling!

Complete with the highs of raking in a quarter million a month in cash to the lows of getting busted, being called the “Master Of Deception” by the United States District Attorney, entering the witness protection program and finally emerging to legitimately earn millions in a single year selling residential real estate.

Fascinating stuff to be sure.

Thank you in advance for your title suggestions!

Next up:  How Working At The Paper Mill Made Me A Better Sales(Man). The guy in this picture was a master at “working” the machines and kicking my ass!

The Mill

Carry On!





I am a three decades+ veteran of the sales/marketing industry. I struggled at first to make a living but then had the good fortune to meet my mentor, Tom. Tom was, at one time, the #1 salesperson in the nation for his product which was also my product. I simply applied what he taught me and 'Boom' my career took off like a Roman Candle! I set records, won awards and trips, had all the goodies and discovered along the way how to live a balanced and rewarding life. After 3 decades of selling/coaching/training I now dedicate ALL of my time to helping others learn strategies that will get them where they decide to go. If you'd like a FREE Strategy Session go to: www.thesalessyndicate.com and fill out the request form.

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