This Cherry Tree Has To Go!



Because it is, quite literally…THE PITS!  See it’s a black or pie cherry tree.  Produces massive amounts of inedible fruit.  Tiny cherries, bitter as hell and fill my yard and gutters with thousands of pits every year.

Stains everything too!  I suppose my mom or grandma would use the fruit to make jam or something but that is far beyond my scope of talent and interest.  So it’s gotta go!

It’s so bad that there is no way to even enjoy my backyard let alone grow anything!

Turns out Black Cherry Wood is coveted for using to build all kinds of cool things like billiard tables, card tables, crown moldings, cabinets and more!

Heck if the wood isn’t great for milling it sure is great for firewood.  The tree professional says there’s more than 4 cords of firewood in that tree and I guess cherry wood runs upwards of $350 fungolas per cord!


I don’t know.  I kinda like the idea of partnering with someone who has a mill (if the wood looks decent) and making some cool stuff out of it.

I dunno…we’ll see what kind of hassle that might be.

So the backyard makeover begins next month when Mr. Cherry goes bye bye.  Here’s a peek at what a mess it is right now.  Look at that gorgeous fence too!  Sheesh…gotta go.

Well we’ll be celebrating a year here in August and we’ve done a ton to the outside in the front and to the inside and now it’s time to tackle the back yard.


Just for fun here’s what I’ve done in the front…looked like a mess when we got here last August but now it looks like this:

So there is hope!  I’ll be doing the work myself (as I did in the front so not professional but I love the satisfaction!)

Have a terrific Tuesday.

Oh and by the way, if you have a hook up for a person who might want the wood for milling let me know!

Gracias Amigo


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