Peaches Monroee Started It!

Who says an old dog can’t be taught new tricks?  Surely not a Senpai (sen-pahy’), an older member!

There are all these new age words that have spawned from a 6 second vine video about eyebrows!

Rumor has it that all this started  with Peaches Monroee.

Peaches Monroee?

Yep it was Peaches that posted a video about her eyebrows on Vine a couple years ago.  At the time Peaches was just another unknown young woman but that changed in mere seconds (Vine videos are 6 secs long)  when she described her eyebrows as being…

“On Fleek”

Fueled by her charm and unfamiliar slang, the post went viral.

Soon Kim Kardashian West used it as #EyebrowsOnFleek hashtag to describe her eyebrows in a selfie, IHOP was tweeting about “pancakes on fleek” and by late 2014 tens of thousands were typing “What does on fleek mean” in to their Google search bars every month!

Apparently defines on fleek as: “flawlessly styled, groomed…looking great.

Here are a few more new words I learned:

  • Gainz (geyns) Weight gained through tough exercise.
  • Cosplay (kos’-pley) Costumed role-playing.
  • Famo (fah’-moh) Family and friends.
  • Baeless (bey’-les) Single; without a mate.
  • Tookah (took’-uh) Marijuana; Mary Jane; weed; pot

There’new dictionary’s being published even!  That’s the rumor anyway.  These new ones come with illustrations and more.  One such dictionary of the future is called BabelNet…I’m going to go check it out later today and see what’s up.

Time to chat with the Famo and my Baeless friend, then enjoy some Tookah before doing a Cosplay game and hitting the gym for some Gainz then heading home to make sure I’m On Fleek before I meet with my Senpai!

Get it?  Got it?  Good!

Can you use these words in a sentence please?

And what other new words do you use?

Leave a comment and, as always, Share It If You Dig It!

Happy Thursday Homies!


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