Thinking of Making a Move? Well…



Considering the current politically charged climate here in Portland, and in other cities, it seems like it might be time.

If you find yourself dreaming about different surroundings then maybe…

It’s Time To Move.

If your house has become an echo chamber then maybe…

It’s Time To Move.

If you’re feeling like a sardine in a can then maybe…

It’s Time To Move.

If you’ve had it with your neighbors then maybe…

It’s Time To Move.

If you can’t fathom the idea of staying in America under the new POTUS then maybe…

It’s Time To Move!

Who knows? I could go on and on but the point is that for whatever reason or for no reason at all if you’re thinking about moving then your timing is incredibly fortunate.

To be a seller right now is especially awesome…depending…and to be a buyer right now has it’s magic as well.  Very low interest rates, for now, make your buying power stronger.  The market is still moving at a rapid pace so if you are a buyer you must be prepared to act immediately upon stepping into the home you love.

No time like the present.

In fact waiting could be detrimental.

Rates are bound to rise.

Values are still on the upswing.

So waiting may cause you to get higher payments and/or a lower price range to consider when buying.

Waiting as a seller isn’t the best strategy either.  I’ve found in my business that a bunch of folks think it’s best to wait and sell in the spring when the flowers are blooming, the grass is green, the birds are chirping, etc.

Not so fast!

Since I began my career as a real estate broker in 1977 I’ve tracked my business by month and by quarter.  And what my stats show me is that the best time to sell is in January & February closely followed by April & May.

I have reasoned that it’s because there’s less competition, the buyers that are looking are more qualified and motivated and corporate transfers typically happen after the holidays.

Not sure if I’m right but I am sure about the numbers and the numbers don’t lie.

Now that the election is decided look for rates to inch up in December when the feds meet and incrementally increase during 2017.

Prices are a reflection of supply and demand also.  We still have a short supply in many micro markets around Portland so now is the time for many of you to realize TOP DOLLAR should you decide to sell.

So yes I’m a professional real estate broker and yes I’d love to be of service to you if you’re thinking of selling.

I specialize in helping sellers get TOP DOLLAR.

How Mike?

By extremely targeted marketing.  By knowing the market better than most.  By being able to negotiate in numerous nuanced elements that are unique to every real estate transaction.

That and having been involved in several thousand real estate negotiations over the last 40 years or so doesn’t hurt! 🙂

How can I call myself a professional salesperson without making you an offer?

Here it is:

If you’re considering a move and want professional guidance in the aspects of that decision simply…

Call me, 503-913-8218.

I’ll spend however long you want to over the phone helping you and if we decide we’re a good fit I’ll happily come by and see your home, do my research and present the facts-of-record for you to consider.

No charge.

No obligation.

Just straight talk and honest answers is all you’ll get from me.

Oh and just for the record I limit my business to the extent that I personally help each and every client myself…no handing you off to an assistant.  Not that that’s bad necessarily to have a team but I prefer to work alone at this point.

When I was handling dozens of listings and closing 10-15 transactions a month I had to have help.  But looking back I can see that I was all about doing quantity and my service quality suffered.

So if you or someone you know would like world-class service from a proven & dedicated real estate professional simply…

…dial 503-913-8218.

Did I just say dial?  Showing my age right there.  🙂

If you prefer to text that’s fine too!

Your Real Estate Advocate,




I am a three decades+ veteran of the sales/marketing industry. I struggled at first to make a living but then had the good fortune to meet my mentor, Tom. Tom was, at one time, the #1 salesperson in the nation for his product which was also my product. I simply applied what he taught me and 'Boom' my career took off like a Roman Candle! I set records, won awards and trips, had all the goodies and discovered along the way how to live a balanced and rewarding life. After 3 decades of selling/coaching/training I now dedicate ALL of my time to helping others learn strategies that will get them where they decide to go. If you'd like a FREE Strategy Session go to: and fill out the request form.

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