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Are We Under The Influence?

I wonder lately if Google and FaceBook have strategically hijacked our minds, bodies and, dare I say, our souls… The mind manipulation is real and it is pervasive and it is literally causing dysfunctional behavior in alarming numbers.  Or so

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Distressed Property Info-Graphic


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Anyone Else Grown Weary of The Election Aftermath Babble Being Spewed By The Sore Losers like projectile Vomit All Over The Interwebs?

I know I am! Of course I’m always game for a spirited debate/discussion, but this shit has gotta stop man! If all the whiners/complainers/worry warts would get over it and get to work maybe some of their dreams would come

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Starting A Club For Real Estate Agents…

Do you sell real estate? If yes…would you like me to personally help you double, triple even quadruple your closed sales in the next 12 months? Let me explain… I’ve been selling real estate, coaching agents/brokers and having a blast

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Peaches Monroee Started It!

Who says an old dog can’t be taught new tricks?  Surely not a Senpai (sen-pahy’), an older member! There are all these new age words that have spawned from a 6 second vine video about eyebrows! Rumor has it that

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This Cherry Tree Has To Go!

 Why? Because it is, quite literally…THE PITS!  See it’s a black or pie cherry tree.  Produces massive amounts of inedible fruit.  Tiny cherries, bitter as hell and fill my yard and gutters with thousands of pits every year. Stains everything

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Our Gubment is Weak but Our People Are Strong!

  Time to wake up, get up and take inventory. WTF has happened right under our noses? From my view point there is a ground swell of like-minded Americans that have had it up to here with all the political

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Whiners-Complainers and Wannabes Oh My!

You’ve Either Met One or…Gawd Forbid…Are One! If you’re in sales…err alive…you’ve met these “suck-the-life” outta you types.  They come in all sizes, colors and shapes but they are life suckers just the same! They ooze with negativity and the

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Should I Sell My Home Now or Keep Riding The Appreciation Wave?

According to an article by real estate entrepreneur and Harvard Extension School Instructor, Teo Nicolais: The answer is Maybe. Below are some excerpts from the article: “The next major bust, 18 years after the 1990 downturn, will be around 2008,

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How Working At The Paper Mill Made Me A Better Salesman

It was the third day that I showed up in Mac’s office at o-dark-thirty.  Mac wasn’t a talkative guy but he was the guy who hired so I was advised to keep showing up first thing in the morning, sit

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